Wednesday, November 11, 2015


My homestreet is the best residential street of the city
I stand in no need for any other street to reside in
For me this is so
I am a Pliddasch
I am a Feterien
I am a content creature

The best of the best Feteriens reside in my homestreet
This is an observation
The best of the best Feteriens are reseved for my homestreet
This is how it turned out
To some retinas my homestreet only pleases during the mornings
But for me the fostering of my homestreet is the supreme
                                       kind of fostering
We are content Feteriens
The music sounds in my homestreet

A book is read through to the end in my homestreet. A book
                                                 at choice
My homestreet is logical. The transferring-ones-transferring-
               the-skiknowledge-of-majokafski kind of logical
            interact with transferring-ones-transferring-the-
    skiknowledge-of-wakopski. Transferring-ones-transferring-
     the-skiknowledge-of-wakopski interact with transferring-
         ones-transferring-the-skiknowledge-of-majokafski. By
                                            the method-quinti
The method-quinti is available in my homestreet

Train-riding-ones trot through my homestreet
The train-riding-ones who trot through my homestreet crave
                      a little piece of my homestreet
When they return to their homestreet they wish for a reminder.
                                           They send off notes
They try to guess what it is that makes one fortunate enough
  to be in the position to be an inhabitant of my homestreet
They would be willing to stake plenty
To be inhabitants of my homestreet
They draw up inventories both of the data and of the force.
       The forces are elusive. As elusive as the forces that
                                   make all what is his hers
They crave both the contentment and the magic
My homestreet is magical. The pradess kind of magical

The ones-holding-a-title-during-the-weekends flash in
                                        my homestreet
The ones-holding-a-title-during-the-weekends are fleeting.
     At the crack of the century the ones-holding-a-title-
                          during-the-weekends are fleeting
As fleeting as the fickle-one. The swirling fickle-one
The ones-holding-a-title-during-the-weekends who with me
        inhabit my homestreet lend assistance. Invisible
We fixate forces
Make today tomorrow
Should this be necessary
Make tomorrow today
Should this be necessary
We fixate qualities
Tumble down
Should this be necessary
Tumble up
Should this be necessary
My homestreet is labile. The diving-ones-diving-for-
                   frogs-from-baykiki kind of labile
Diving-ones-diving-for-frogs-from-baykiki lend assistance.
                                        Musical assistance

The design is available in my homestreet. The design of
                                  the residential house
The aroma is available in my homestreet. The aroma of delight
The train-riding-ones who do not inhabit my homestreet
                       originate from the outer planet
They arrive from all towns. From all language corners. From
                                          all climate zones
I am not exaggerating
They operate photocameras. My homestreet has been photographed
They operate videocameras. The transporting-ones who with me
    inhabit my homestreet have been recorded on video. Their
                          voices have been recorded on audio

The transporting-ones who with me inhabit my homestreet
                                    have outer partners
Outer partners repeatedly lodge in my homestreet. They stroll
    through my homestreet. Outer partners bring the happiness
To the Feteriens of my homestreet luxury is particular
I am a Feterien
To me luxury is particular
My homestreet is open. The standing surety kind of open.
                    Standing surety for the water damage
I offer you my homestreet
Stroll through my homestreet and my homestreet is your
I am a Pliddasch
To me happiness is particular
Stroll through my homestreet and you bring the happiness

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