Friday, November 6, 2015


I am Akasif
The best of the best Feteriens inhabit my homehouse
This is how it turned out

My homehouse is mysterious. The knowledge kind of mysterious.
                                            Cometic knowledge
My homehouse is logical. The paraparasitic-ones kind of logical.
                                      Neutral paraparasitic-ones

Visiting-ones trot through my homehouse. Visiting-ones
                     originating from the outer planet
From all streets. From all cities. From all language corners.
                                       From all climate zones
I am not exaggerating
The visiting-ones operate photocameras. My homehouse has
                                       been photographed
The visiting-ones operate videocameras. My homehouse has
                                  been recorded on video
The visiting-ones operate pens. My homehouse has been described
The visiting-ones crave the design of my homehouse
When they return to their homehouse they wish for a reminder.
                                          They send off notes
The visiting-ones draw up inventories both of the data and
                      of the force. The forces are elusive
The visiting-ones crave both the prosperity and the happiness
I offer you my homehouse
When you stroll through my homehouse my homehouse is your
You bring the happiness

The visiting-ones produce numbers calculations
They try to guess what it is that makes one fortunate enough
   to be in the position to be an inhabitant of my homehouse
If only periodically, they would be willing to stake plenty
But the Feteriens use all the areas of my homehouse
All available areas
We are not likely to be sweetened
By luxury
All available luxury
Not even periodically
To us luxury is particular
To us the best of the best is not a merit

Numbers calculations with agility factor 3 are flexible
The visiting-ones produce flexible numbers calculations. As
   flexible as the ones-holding-a-title-during-the-weekends
The ones-holding-a-title-during-the-weekends take the
     tricking-one-tricking-fast in their backwash. At
                               the crack of the month
The ones-holding-a-title-during-the-weekends also would
                             be willing to stake plenty
To invade my homehouse
If only periodically
They crave both the contentment and the magic

For me my homehouse is the best residential house of the street
The forgetting-ones inhabit my homehouse
The forgetting-ones who inhabit my homehouse lend assistance.
                                         Invisible assistance
We fixate limits
Tumble down
Should this be necessary
Tumble up
Should this be necessary

I am Akasif Feterien
My homehouse is labile. The hover-smelling kind of labile
My homehouse is open. The cutting a joke kind of open.
       Cutting a tiresome joke. To the left and to the
                         right cutting a tiresome joke
The numbers jokes are available in my homehouse. The flexible
                                                numbers jokes
Aromas of delight are tested in my homehouse. Aromas of
              delight originating from the outer planet
From all streets. From all cities. From all language corners.
                                       From all climate zones
I am not exaggerating
I am Akasif Feterien
I stand in no need for any other house to inhabit
For me this is so
I am happy

To some retinas my homehouse only pleases quantitative
Also the untraceable-ones who inhabit my homehouse grumble
        now and then. They are also cheated. They are also
         stalked. The stealing-ones-stealing all beat. The
   stealing-ones-stealing-all beat bodybacks to fractures.
        With their belt bags. To the left and to the right
But for me the warmth of my homehouse is the supreme
                                     kind of  warmth
We are happy

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